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    The FLP is a universal agreement among all to demand social justice, a one-world governance, and "Dependence in Our Lifetime." Help us "Remove the Trigger"!

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    There isn't one. That would require effort. I'm busy eating my Free Lunch. I'd hire you, but don't have money. After rent, bills, music festivals, and taxes, I'm left with only $5.

  • Only the State

    Building roads is a complicated and very tedious endeavor. It requires miles of bureaucratic red tape and inordinate amounts of unionized labor. Pay your share.

  • Magic Box

    The Universe will provide. Just imagine it, and it will appear. Either that, or the government will step in and provide education, housing, childcare, food, and transportation for you.

Less Liberty! (More Free Lunch?)

State efforts to control the press seemed to run hand in hand with regional instability. States facing internal or regional conflicts such as Syria, Russia, Israel and Hong Kong were among the primary offenders identified by the 2015 World Press Freedom Index. Read More