Max Eastman witnessed the failure of socialism

Max Forrester Eastman Witnessed the Failure of Socialism

Karl Marx devoted “his life to proving that this mysteriously un-analyzable object, social life, or society, is destined by the inner law of its being to contradict itself (the class struggle) and resolve the contradiction in a higher unity (the co-operative commonwealth). He thinks that by committing himself to this one mystical belief, and joining in the struggle of this supernaturally practical entity toward its dialectically determined goal, he can avoid all mysteries and be a purely rational matter-of-fact mind. In Das Kapital, as in The Holy Family, the force which guarantees the evolution of capitalism to the point of rupture, and the creation of a communist state, is that same logical necessity of ascending from the lower to the higher which Hegel laid on the whole Universe in the name of God.” READ MORE

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