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Hospitals Should Hire, Not Fire, Nurses with Natural Immunity

Once again, LinkedIn is doing all the dirty work of the CCP and those who find the truth a little too hard to bear. Good for them. The Free Lunch is our ultimate goal! Here’s what they have buried (i.e. auto delete after any attempt to post and auto deletion of all existing posts)

“Hospitals are firing nurses and other staff with superior natural immunity while retaining those with weaker vaccine- induced immunity. By doing so, they are betraying their patients, increasing their risk for hospital acquired infections.”

Read more from Brownstone Institute and Martin Kulldorff

purge the nonbeliever

The Purges Have Begun!

In history, we’ve seen where this leads. New and random mandates from political leaders become loyalty tests. Compliant people are viewed as enlightened and obedient. The noncompliant are regarded as stupid and probably politically threatening. They are purgeable. Look at LinkedIn. They completely purged shares of this article. This information is deemed dangerous. Click below to read the original article…

Coming Soon to Everyone

Google has made a U-turn and reinstated TalkRadio’s YouTube channel

In what appeared to be an extraordinary clampdown, Google terminated the station’s YouTube channel at around 1 am, reportedly for violating its ‘community guidelines’. ‘This chilling attack on a broadcaster is the type of thing you see in China. It is no coincidence that TalkRadio is one of the loudest critics of the Government’s mismanagement of the pandemic, nor that the Government is pressuring Big Tech companies to increase censorship under ‘online harms’ policies. READ MORE

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