Asymptomatic Spread

Asymptomatic Spread Revisited

Facebook is offering to throttle people who share data about Asymptomatic Spread of Covid. One of the fact-checkers, William Hanage, is obviously an impartial party and probably loves a free lunch! He has essentially, along with others, called lockdowns a “strawman” (i.e. not real or happening…obvi). He has been a major detractor of the GBD, and is a signer of the John Snow Memo. So yeah, he has a bone to pick in his free lunch bag. Balanced AND impartial. The “fact-checkers” refute something that wasn’t even said in the article and struggle to discredit the problematic study! Win-win. READ MORE

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Abusive Governments

Now is the Time to Break the Cycle and Reclaim Your Life

The goal of any abuser is to ensure you feel isolated, alone, and dependent so that they can maintain control. If you have no options – someone or somewhere else to turn to – the abusive narcissist or sociopath can continue to imprison you, making it harder for you to leave. The power an abuser holds over individuals becomes exponentially worse when they are given absolute authority to enforce and implement methods for keeping you confined inside the relationship. We have ceded our power and authority to the government. READ MORE

Now is the Time to Break the Cycle and Reclaim Your Life Read More »

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